Rokmaster Resources Corp.
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Rokmaster Resources Corp.

Corporate Responsibilities

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ROKMASTER is committed to managing all aspects of operations in a responsible manner with respect to the environment, the health and safety of our employees and contractors and the community to ensure the sustainable exploration and development of our resources. Assimilating these responsibilities into all areas of our operation is fundamental to the Company's present and future growth.


ROKMASTER recognizes environmental responsibility as an essential corporate value which is incorporated into our business strategy and development plans. We aim to minimize impact on the environment through responsible practices at all stages of exploration, development, and reclamation. The performance of our exploration activities are monitored by an environmental benchmark ensuring amenability is met by our employees and contractors and that we are in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.


ROKMASTER's health and safety policies are top priority and are in place to provide a safe work environment for our employees and contractors. All aspects of health and safety are maintained through corporate commitment and individual responsibility from each of our employees and contractors to adhere to applicable legislated regulations and established health and safety guidelines.


ROKMASTER's exploration and development success is directly linked to the communities we explore and invest in. Rokmaster is dedicated to be a responsible partner of these communities by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship through open and honest communication, loyalty and goodwill.

ROKMASTER Resources Corp.
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